Commercial and personal

At the Anti-Oxidant Centre we also provide 'clean room' services. Those who are interested in living in a cleaner and healthier home can buy our Anti-Oxidant Solution to embed into your paint, cement or plastering works which will help with purifying and cleansing the air in your home.

Mixing our Anti-Oxidant Solution into paint, cement, or plastering produces negative ions into the air. Cleansing is highly recommended to customers who are interested in painting or plastering works. The cleansing works involves spraying the site with Anti-Oxidant Solution mixed with our imported soap from Japan prior to painting works.

Everyday materials such as glass, rubber, metal, soap, print, plastic and chemical fiber discharges unstable and active molecules which would damage cells by chemical chain reactions (free radicals are unstable molecules who steal electrons from stable cells). By using our Anti-Oxidant this can reduce the chain activity.

Aside from that, allergens such as fine dust in the air, pollen, bacteria, and fungal growth can be reduced. These allergens are usually positively or neutrally charge. Therefore they are attracted to the negative ions which they clump or stick together becoming heavier and will drop onto the ground where it can be easily removed through sweeping or vacuuming.

Over the years, researchers have discovered that negative ions can also help with mood. Due to the fact that the air around us is filled with electrically charged particles, positive ions are high in content in areas that are polluted, dusty and congested areas where one would start to feel feverish, fatigue and depressed. On the other hand, places high in content with negative ions such as waterfalls, forests and sea side's one would feel happy, revitalized and refreshed.

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