Ikiiki Pail 'Wonder Pail'


Anti- Oxidant Breathing Cube


 Mokomoko pad


Anti- Oxidant Poly Bag


 Emina Soap Powder

Ikiiki Pail 'Wonder Pail'

  • Retains freshness of dry food / groceries and repels insects.
  • Removes the stale smell of old rice within 1 day while keeping bore / rice weevils
  • Reduce foul smell/ odor.
  • Its anti-oxidant properties will reduce foul smell/odor if used to store kitchen or food
  • Waste, dirty and/or smelly laundry for up to one week.
  • Excellent for making healthy fruit enzyme drinks.


  • 1 kg of fruits (dragon fruits, grapes, apples, pineapples, kiwi gold, etc
  • 1 kg of sugar (some prefer raw/organic brown sugar or molasses)
  • 5 liters of water

Step 1:

Wash and dry the selected fruits and Anti-oxidant Pail.
For fruits like dragon fruits, pineapples and kiwi fruit, remove the skin first. No need to remove the skins for fruits like apples, grapes etc

Step 2:

Cut/Slice/Dice the selected fruits into small cubes/pieces.

Step 3:

Mix all the ingredients together in the Anti-oxidant Pail. Do not close the lid tightly and place the pail on the table at room temperature if you
live in the tropics; otherwise place the container in a bright and warm place.

Step 4:

Stir in the morning and evening. The mix will ferment into a nice wine like, fermented drink in about 1 week. In a hotter climate, fermentation is faster.

Step 5:

Taste the drink (people who prefer a more fermented taste/aroma should leave it in the pail for another 1 to 2 days)
Note: If the fruit mixture is kept too long in the pail, it will become over fermented and will turn into vinegar.

Step 6:

When it tastes ready, use a suitable sieve to filter the fruit pulp and bottle the remaining liquid enzyme juice for storage in your refrigerator. This enzyme drink should be kept refrigerated and consumed within I week.



Anti- Oxidant Breathing Cube

  • Made of slaked lime, oxide titanium which provides photo catalytic function
  • It has air- purifying characteristics
  • Can be places in shoe cabinets, fridges, closet or places which is humid as gives out odor
  • Should be expose to sunlight 3 hours to recharge, it can be used repeatedly
  • Get rids of odors


Mokomoko pad

Generally used to improve and maintain one's health. Most suitable for bedridden people, cancer patients and people who are suffering from various chronic illness like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.


  • Reduce active cell oxidation in the body (anti-oxidant effect) to enhance proper organ function and health.
  • Improve blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure.
  • Enhance flow of internal "chi" for improved fatigue recovery, ensures a good sound sleep and improve alertness and energy after waking up.
  • Constant use will help alleviates body aches and pains and improves recovery time from various ailments.
  • Reduces bacteria and body odor on sleeping surface for a healthier and more pleasant sleeping environment.


  • Spread the anti-oxidant mattress pad on top of your mattress.
  • Put the bed sheet over the anti-oxidant mattress pad and tuck the edges of the bed sheet under the mattress as is normally done.
  • Your bed is now ready for use.


  • Use one table spoon (approx. 5 gm.) of Emina Premium multi-purpose washing powder diluted with 40 litres of lukewarm water to wash the bed pad once a month.
  • DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH and do not iron.
  • Washing can be done by hand or in a washing machine.
  • Air and sun the bed pad once a month.
  • Allows one to sleep comfortably
  • Helps reduce aches


Anti- Oxidant Poly Bag

  • Keeping fruits and vegetables in these bags will extend its freshness and will retain its crunchiness and juiciness for longer period when kept in a refrigerator.
  • Anti-oxidant Enzyme is embedded into the plastic material and its anti-oxidant properties will remain as long as the bag remains undamaged or not exposed to strong chemicals.
  • To clean and reuse the bag, just wash it with diluted Emina Premium soap water or rinse with water.
  • (Conforms to Japan's Ministry of Health and Welfare Food additive standard notification no. 370)


  • Retain / prolongs freshness of food.
  • Freshness of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and even processed food can be kept fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Do not seal tightly when in use.
  • For keeping dirty clothes or laundry when traveling.
  • It helps remove stale laundry smell. Great for traveling.
  • Removes static electricity.
  • Eliminates static electricity. Place these poly bags beneath electrical equipment to remove static. This will reduce dust from attaching to the surface of the equipment.
  • Reduces tobacco and other foul smells. Just place the poly bag on the dashboard of the car to reduce the smell of tobacco.
  • For drawers /cupboard, it helps reduce odor and repel insects.



Emina Soap Powder

How to use "Emina" Laundry Soap

"Emina" laundry soap is designed for many uses. This powder contains refined anti oxidation particles which consist of herbal oils and anti-oxidation solution. Only water is needed.




Usage instruction, result



After using “Emina” in bathtub, just wash the remaining with hot water. No need to add any other detergent.

When using pipe water, use Emina as 1.5 volume of ordinary detergent. There is no need to use softener or conditioner.

● Soaking before washing

Pour “Emina” into tepid water and soak for one hour.

● Pre-washing

For dirt not easily removable or material which you cannot wash with other objects, wash with bigger volume of Emina first. Wash normally after the dirt is removed.

● Partial washing

To remove a stain, use anti oxidation combined soap “bobo” and rub and wash the object with both hands.  Using tooth brush or sponge would be effective.

Washing with hot water removes the dirt better; however, there is possibility of color changing.  In general, water at 30° C is recommended.

If possible, dry the laundry right after washing to prevent any smell or wrinkle.

Bathroom, Toilet

After taking a bath, just wash the bathtub with hot water, this is sufficient. For the toilet, the dirt will be removed even without using any chlorine detergent.

Car Washing

Car does not dirty easily, and will have a natural shine after wash.  It can be used as washing liquid as well.

Bathing in bathtub

Pour 1 tea spoon (5g) in bathtub. In case of any skin problem, please consult with the store before use.


Eliminates pets odor as well as keeps it’s hair soft and fluffy.  It keeps insects away from pet as well.



Dissolve “Emina” in tepid water. Can remove oil stains. No need to use gloves; soaking before washing is advisable.

Window glass

Dirt will not stick on window easily. It keeps insects away.


Dusting once in a week, eliminates mite and cockroaches


Provides an anti-insect effect on wooden furniture


Electrical appliances

Eliminates static electricity, and less dust sticks to appliances

Instead of agro-pesticide

Spray powder/water mixture on to plants. Helps growth for healthy plants.

Plants and Flowers

Flowers will last longer, and water will not get spoiled. Very good for Sakaki tree.

Direct use

Tooth brushing powder

Leaves mouth fresh and clean


Dirt, grime and dampness of sport shoes can be removed

Oily dirt, gas stove, ventilation fan

Helps removes grease and stains


Removes dirt and keeps mite and other insects away.


Instruction for home usage


Laundry soap


Silk, Wool, cotton, linen, Leon, synthetic material


Weak alkaline content


Pure soap (60%.fat Natrium acid). alkali (Carbonic acid)

Net weight


Standard volume

5g per 40 liter of water(1 tea spoon)


Please check washing instruction for washing silk and woolen materials. 

Please follow the instructions.

  • Keep away from children
  • The Powder is very fine therefore keep it away from windy areas to avoid breathing in the powder.
  • In case powder enters the eyes, just wash it with water. Please do not rub your eyes.
  • If the powder is swallowed, please consume 2 litres of water (at your own pace) to flush it out of your system