Mr. George Ng Sun Foo, 57

I will keep coming here consistently for my health and general well-being

I have been coming to this Centre since it opened. At that time because I worked extremely hard, long working hours, and a lot of travelling, I felt sluggish and weak, didn't look well at all. Plus I was overweight, almost 210++ pounds.

After I came to this Centre, it gave me many wonderful surprises. The effects that I felt were amazing. I even feel like this Centre heals me better than any sort of medication given to me by doctors. I just feel so relaxed, energized, lost weight and peaceful. This therapy doesn't give me only one benefit, but top to bottom. My health and my inner peace. Honestly, I love this place and have raved so much about it to my friends. It is serene, very clean and very calming. The first thing I think of after coming back from a tiring business trip is to come to this Centre. I come here all the way regardless how far I live. I have tried many similar Centres' but this is my most favorite one due to its privacy, service, temperature, and atmosphere. I will keep coming here consistently for my health and general well- being.

Thank you so much Anti-Oxidant Centre.


Abel Mark Stevenson, age 24

I feel youthful as I should be feeling

In the past, I followed my parents here, but now, I come on my own as I realize the many health benefits of this therapy. Before I went to Anti-Oxidant Centre, I was a heavy smoker, had lots of phlegm, high uric acid, sugar, and cholesterol. However, two months ago during my last check up, I am in normal condition which is great! Thanks to the therapy, I manage to lose prominent weight from 83 kg to 75kg with exercise as well. My stamina also improved. Overall, I feel good, less lethargic, good bowel movement, and energized. Not only that, my skin is much better as it is smoother, supply and clearer. Generally I feel youthful as I should be feeling.


Chuah San Gwan, age 60

I feel rested and peaceful

I have a very stressful lifestyle due to my work and have post-surgical history relation to my heart and blood vessels.
I come to the Anti-Oxidant Centre regularly for the past 5 years to elevate my stress level. It helps me calm my nerves and I feel rested and peaceful within whenever I go to the therapy. My skin glows and is smoother after the session.


YP Tay, age 61

I feel younger

I have come to the Anti-Oxidant Centre for many years with my wife due to its many health benefits. I feel better after the therapy which is more energized, lighter and less fatigue. My skin is also excellent. It is very clear, smooth, soft and supple. I feel younger.


Dr. Hikmatulah, age 50

I felt very energized and relaxed after the therapy

The reason I came to the Centre was due to the fact I felt heavy, high with toxins, have breathing difficulties, and sleeping problems when sleeping face forward.

This is my second time here; I know different people react differently to this therapy. For me, it was quite instant in terms in helping me with my sleeping problems. At night, I face two problems, one, I cannot sleep facing upwards and secondly I have breathing problems. The day I went for my first therapy, I could sleep soundly at night. My breathing also improved. During my first therapy, I also sweated a lot which was good as I get to detox my body. The heat I find is just nice, not too hot. I also felt very energized and relaxed after the therapy. I am already planning on bringing my mother and mother in law to this Centre. Thank you Anti-Oxidant Centre.


Emily Ong Siow Lin, age 65

I feel happier, healthier, and fresh

I have been coming to Anti-Oxidant Centre for the past 2 months and have seen a lot of improvements with my health. I have diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and uric acid.

After the a few sessions, I have lost weight, my breathing is better. I generally feel better actually. Aside from that, my heart feels steadier as my chest pains has reduced. I am sleeping better therefore more restful. As I diabetic patient, I get tired fast, but now, I am more energized throughout the day.

Overall I feel happier, healthier, and fresh.


Mr. Lim Hai Chun, age 42

I love this therapy as it has countless benefits

I have been coming to this Centre for 5 years. In the past I came twice a week. I am a health cautious person. For me, I feel after the age of 40, many problems can occur such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and many more illness. This is why I come to the Centre, I try to prevent, or prolong all this from coming.

After the therapy, I know my immune system has improved tremendously. My body feels stronger and I don't get into cold sweats. Plus, I get good restful sleep. Aside from that, I sweat a lot during the therapy and I feel great because I am getting rid of all the toxins in my body. I can honestly say that going to the therapy and doing yoga simultaneously, I get twice as more benefits then doing it in a normal place.

Plus, I feel I have become more handsome (jokingly) as my skin is supple, bright, younger looking and it glows.

Overall, I love this therapy as it has countless benefits.


Mr. Christopher Chew, age 44

My skin got smoother

For me, I have high blood pressure for years. I bought the 3 months package where I went to the Centre 3 times a week.

After the therapy, I realized I received immediate weight loss. I've already lost 3kg and also my water retention. I manage to maintain the weight off as well. My skin definitely got smoother. Feels like baby skin in fact. After AOC, the skin problem on my foot stopped. In the past, my skin constantly kept peeling regardless of what medicine or cream. I knew the therapy definitely worked on my skin.


Mrs. Ivy Lim, age 51

I feel lighter and I can sleep better

I have been on and off the therapy for past few years. But when I first started I came 3 times a week!

I used to have quite rough skin however my skin now is very soft all over. I also feel lighter and I can sleep better. I get very good sleep after the therapy. Aside from that, the colour of my menstruation also improved. Also, I have difficulty sweating, however, during the therapy, I sweat a lot.

I've been to a few Centers', but I like this one here because of its environment as well as its temperature is just right.


Hidayah khalil, age 40

I love it here

I have a heart problem (where my heart beat is too slow). Due to this, I get a lot of side effects on my wellbeing. I get lethargic fast, my skin is very dry, dizziness, drop in blood pressure and feverish. I also find it hard to exercise.

However, after Anti-Oxidant therapy, the biggest thing I have to thank the Centre for is helping me quit smoking. After the therapy, cigarettes taste disgusting and I don't feel good. My body rejects it. I would not even use a box I just bought! After therapy, my fatigue problem goes away, I feel fresh awake and light. I feel stress free as well. My skin which was rough is now smooth and supple.

This place is like a second home to me as well. After work, it is the place to get a peace of mind. I can spend 2 hours here just resting and relaxing. I love it here.


Mr. Philips Poon, 50

I feel fresh and energized

I suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol. I used to come here very often but as my work schedule the past years has increased I had limited time. However, recently, I try to take more time to go as often as possible.

The Centre has helped give me more energy therefore even when I am feeling fatigue from the constant travelling and work, I feel fresh and energized. My skin is also better; it feels fresh, smooth and clean. It has this healthy glow, and it amazes me because I am a very frequent travelling business man.

Many of my friends who've I recommended to come to the Centre are impressed by the egg and bread test which have no stench although it has been expose for years. I have bought the Anti-Oxidant solution to paint the rooms in my new house. I did the egg and bread test and so far it has been working well for me.


Encik A.B Rahman, 59

saya rasa lebih bersemangat

Saya dapati tahu yang saya mempunyai diabetes bila umur 37 tahun. Saya sudah datang ke sini untuk 5 sesi. Apa yang saya dapati rase ialah saya dapat peluh dengan bagus. Saya rasa bagus sebab badan saya rasa bersih. Lain daripada itu minda saya rasa lapang, selesa dan aman.

Selain itu, lepas sesi, saya rasa lebih bersemangat dan bila waktu kerja, saya dapati yang saya lagi prihatin dan cekap.


Mdm Yap Chew Heong (December 2008 till current)

My skin has healed and I have no more leg infection


Diabetic symptoms: 

  • Leg infection (nails turned dark in color)
  • Difficulty to walk and even stand due to skin damage on the foot (exposed tissue), if left untreated, leg was soon to need amputation

After treatment
In 3 months with daily continuous treatment, my leg infection slowly healed and skin problems improved tremendously. My diabetes is maintained through the anti-oxidant therapy regularly. My skin has healed and I have no more leg infection.

My grandson has had eczema since birth. He is 5 years. With Mr. Anthony Wong’s kindness, he also received treatment in this Centre. Now, his eczema is under control (with regular visits)


Ms. Wong Chooi Thin (July 2011 till current)

Thank you Anti-Oxidant Centre

I am dialysis patient, age 36 years old. Due to kidney failure, I urinate less. Doctor has advised me to only drink 0.5l of water per day as too much water would cause water retention in my body. When I came to anti-oxidant center the 3rd time, I felt like vomiting and giddy. However, on the 4th time onwards, I was more comfortable and sweated. My weight started to decrease after anti-oxidant. Urea also reduced after treatment.



Dato Abdul Rahman

Giving me extra energy

I have been visiting the Anti-Oxidant Center for the past six months. I have found that the treatment is very refreshing and has given me extra energy. I hope to continue with the 3rd package once I’ve utilized my present package.


Ivy Lim

Relax and energetic

I have attended the therapy for more than one and a half years. 

  • Skin has become beautiful
  • All my joints in the bones has loosen
  • More relax
  • More energetic
  • Friends who see me, they say I look young and haven’t aged
  • Can sleep well
  • Seldom get sick anymore



Chua Mia Jio (customer since February 2009)

Feel better after a good sweating session

Purpose of coming to Anti-Oxidant was to- 

  • Relax
  • Sweat since I don’t exercise much
  • Detoxify- the aim here is to freshen and help detoxify the body, hopefully flush out toxins
  • Meet up with friends if we come on the same time
  • Bring my friends to enjoy the good benefits of the Anti- Oxidant Center


  • Smoother skin
  • Clearer complexion
  • Feel better after a good sweating session
  • Can sleep better



Angela Valerie

Helped me in my sinuses

The Anti-Oxidant center has helped me in my sinuses as the periodic treatment has made me feel better. Subsequent to the continuous process I also feel healthier generally.



Mok Su Leng

I feel more energetic

Benefits through Anti-Oxidant 

  1. Period regulated
  2. Good blood circulation
  3. More energetic



Soh Sin Oott

Improve my skin disease

When I was diagnosed for Psoriasis, I was shocked and started to panicked. Out of curiosity, I found some information on this skin disease. As I know that detoxification is one of the solutions that can control this skin disease. My skin was becoming worse therefore I was recommended by my friend to visit the Anti-Oxidant Center. I started the treatment three to four times a week. I observed that my red plague on my forehead started to become pink. I believe that it will disappear and become normal with continuous therapy.

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