Yong Lai Yin

I fell in love with it

Since I got to know this center, I fell in love with it and decided to sign up a package for health purpose. Every time I come, I feel peace at hear and delighted. The feeling even greater after the 40 mins treatment. I felt relax, eased, and healthy. Rejuvenate is the right word! I would encourage those who have not been here before. Try it and it will be an un-forgetful experience. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank the founder of this center for bringing hope and health to mankind.



Lim Chooi Hong

Sleep Well

 After the treatment

  1. Could sleep well
  2. Body weight reduction
  3. Knee pain reduced



We feel better and healthier

Benefits through Anti-Oxidant Therapy 

  1. We feel better and our health has improved (not getting flu easily)
  2. Our skin is smoother and not so dry
  3. We can sleep better
  4. We do not get tired so easily


Jane Wong

My complexion have been improved

The most I feel benefiting from this Anti-Oxidant treatment is it gets rid of my body water retention and regulates my sleeping time. Very fresh after and have a good night sleep now. My complexion also improved a lot, clear skin and no need to go for facials. My hair also improved, it dropped less due to a healthier scalp. The place is also very convenient for me.


Nancy Wong

Terapi ini amat baik

Sebelum saya datang, saya susah berpeluh. Sekarang saya berpeluh cepat dan rasa amat baik. Dulu, bila saya bersenam, saya susah berpeluh, tapi sekarang senang peluh. Terapi ini amat baik. Saya sudah datang lebih 10 kali. Saya akan pergi terapi seminggu sekali sahaja.


The Cheh Loo (member since April, 2008)

Feel more energetic

 Benefits through Anti-Oxidant Therapy

  1. Lost weight, till now has been maintained
  2. Feel more energetic, wouldn't feel tired after work
  3. Skin complexion improved


Veronica Wynne

I feel so good about the Anti-Oxidant Center

Since coming to the Anti-Oxidant Centre, I have experienced major improvements in my physical quality of life and general sense of well-being. The primary benefits of the center have been: 

  • Increased in energy
  • Restful sleeping
  • Increased range of motion for rheumatism knee
  • Relief form lower back pain

I feel so good about the Anti-Oxidant Center and am hopeful that this therapy can be introduced to the West Coast (specifically California) of the US. I will be returning to the US in July 2010 and will dearly miss my weekly Anti-Oxidant therapy.

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