I am a dialysis patient, age 36 years old. Due to kidney failure caused less urinary. Doctor advise only an drink 500ml water per day. This will cause body water retention if I drink too much water.When I came to anti-oxidant 3rd time, I felt vomiting and dizziness. 4th time onwards, more comfortable and sweat. Weight decrease approximately 500gm after anti-oxidant. Urea also less after this treatment.I am glad that I can drink more water now. Thank you Anti-Oxidant Centre. Yours faithfully.

-Wong Chooi Thin-


I have below diabetic symptoms:
– diabetic leg infection (nails turned to dark colour)
– have difficulty walking or even standing because the foot has skin damage (exposed tissue), if left untreated, leg amputation is needed. After 3 months continuous daily treatment, my leg infection slowly healed and skin problem also improves a lot. I have maintained my diabetic health, through ant-oxidant treatment regularly. My skin problem also healed a lot and no more leg infection.P.S. My grandson having eczema since his birth. He is now 5 years. With Mr Anthony Wong’s kindness, he also receive treatment (FOC) in this centre. And, now his eczema is under control (with regular visit).

-Madam Yap Chew Heong-


My skin is glowing!!! Lost 4.8 kgs in 2 ½ weeks…
After I started going regularly to the spa, I firstly realized that my energy level has gone up, not only that; I am also more productive at work. I feel more analytical when doing things. My hair is also shiny and I have lost 4.8kg in the past 2 ½ weeks with a control diet as well. My metabolism-rate has increased as I realized that when I work out I sweat more then I usually do, my work-out is more efficient. What I am most happy with is that my skin which is lacking luster, sagging and increased pore-size due to ageing, now, and my skin is glowing! My skin looks so youthful and fresh. Better than any expensive cream I have bought! Dewy, clear and bouncy and I love it!!



“…didapati kesakitan pada lutut semakin berkurangan”
Saya telah mendafter sauna antioksida beberapa bulan yang lalu. Sebelum ini saya mengalami kecederaan akibat bersukan dan faktor umur. Saya juga telah menjalani 3 kali suntikan pada lutut di sebuah hospital tetapi kesakitan yang dialami tidak berkurangan. Tetapi setelah mengikuti sauna antioksida ini, didapati kesakitan pada lutut semakin berkurangan.
Nik Normah Nik Soh-


My ‘go to’ healthy treatment for absolutely general health and beauty!
I never use to go consistently until the past 1 month; recently, I have been going for treatment 3 times a week. Results are amazing! Firstly my skin has become softer, dewy, blemish free as well as radiant. My energy levels are up as well as my pro-activeness at work. I feel more alert and that I have a more positive outlook on daily things. I sleep better too. My hair is very soft and shiny and I have started to get compliments from people, I never used to as my hair is very thin! The treatment has also help with my hair fall. Aside from that I have lost 4 kgs in one month’s but also with the help of healthy diet. After seeing all the amazing things happening to me, I will make it a point to go at least 3 times a week as it is the most affordable compared to other centers. Tip, best to have a shot of enzyme drink before entering for treatment. Please note that they do not have supply all the time. All in all, I love Anti-Oxidant Centre!! My ‘go to’ healthy treatment for absolutely general health and beauty.

-Anti-oxidant Lover-


“…asthma attacks have become much less and I am breathing much easier…”
I feel more energetic with the anti-oxidant therapy. My asthma attacks have become much less and I am breathing much easier. I stopped the therapy for a while due to work load and the asthma became worse apparently. Hence, I concluded that the therapy works. I am now coming back regularly for therapy.
-Chris Lee-


“..dapati badan saya lebih cergas, kulit lebih licin dan lenguh dibadan hilang..”
Saya telah 6 bulan menyertai pakej ‘Happy Hour’ di Antioksida Centre. Sebelum ini saya mengalami lenguh-lenguh badan dan kulit kusam. Setelah beberapa kali masuk ke bilik sauna Antioksida, saya telah dapati badan saya lebih cergas, kulit lebih licin dan lenguh dibadan hilang.
-Rohanna Ismail-


My body feel stiff every single morning for the past 8 years. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis , because of this, I am lethargic all the time. After actively coming to Anti-Oxidant Centre about a year ago, I feel more energetic and had better sleep at night and my stiffness doesn’t feel that bad anymore.
-Siti Hajar Hajiman-