Anti- Oxidant Ceramics

  • Create your own anti-oxidant ionized water using anti-oxidant ceramics.
  • The small anti-oxidant ceramic balls and/or tubes are most suitable for small portable water containers e.g. the standard 500ml to 2 liter mineral water bottles.
  • The bigger ceramic hearts and rings are suitable for larger containers of between 5 to 10 liters in size.
  • Use Anti-Oxidant Ceramics in your cooking to improve quality, flavor /fragrance.
  • The anti-oxidant ionized water can also be used for cooking rice and making soups or hot drinks to improve the quality and flavor of your food and drinks.
  • Improve your health and budget by increasing the shelve life and quality of your cooking oil.
  • Placing the ceramic in your container of cooking oil will increase the shelve life and quality of the oil due to the anti-oxidant properties of these ceramics.
  • Use the treated oil for deep frying and cooking. Never use any cooking oil that is already oxidized or smells stale as it will be bad for your health.
  • By using these ceramics to increase the shelve life of your cooking oil, you will save money and improve your health.

Lohas Energy Ball

  • Release more than 1,000 negative ions
  • Uses its natural texture and precision firing from high energy mineral soil to contribute to human health and emits far infrared energy
  • Remove impurities, optimizes water quality functions, and thus change the water taste to taste like mountain spring water with natural flavor
  • Water is therefore more easily absorbed by the body and it promotes metabolism and blood circulation and achieves good health.
  • There is also the removal of chlorine, the elimination of chemical taste and lime and to prevent scale formation.
  • Can be used OR cook in wide range of style
    • Tea, Rice wine, Red wine, Soup
    • Cooking Rice

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